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Circle Cutting Machine

Circle Cutting Machine


● Material thickness:0.3-3.0mm
● Max.Coil Width :1800mm
● Falling circle maximum diameter:1000mm
● Optional equipment:Coil Car/ Decoiler/Straightener/NC Zig Zag Feeder
● Automatically calculates position by depending on stock width & circle diameter

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Automatic Lines For Circle Cutting From Coil the scrap quantity by exploiting the whole width of the coil.
The technology used by Press Room is shifting of the coil below a fixed die. It is characterised by a good production capacity, high flexibility and low tooling costs. Line consists of decoiler with coil car, straightener, nc zig zag feeder, press. Entire working sequence is directly managed from Control Panel which allows operator to have a single control of all the line functions.
The strip from the coil can have two movements, both NC servo controlled: the feeding movement (called longitudinal shifting) & the lateral movement (called transversal shifting). Thanks to these movements, each blanking is followed by the lateral movement of the coil of a programmed step and by the blanking of the next disk, up to the realisation of a row of blanked disks along the coil width. At the completion of the row, the strip is fed so that the blanking of a new row can start.

Press Room has designed special programme which automatically calculates position by depending on stock width & circle diameter. The program allows optimizing the material use, minimizing trimmings.