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Decoiler cum straightener servo feeder

Decoiler cum straightener servo feeder


● Material thickness:0.5-3.0mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Optional equipment:Decoiler cum straightener / NC Servo feeder

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Decoiler cum straightener Servo feeder stamping production line configuration,is the medium plate material stamping processing with the most cost-effective type.

Material from the precision of Decoiler cum straightener for open-roll ,open-roll sent out of the material by the leveling head part of the dislocation of the flattened flattened material belt,Punch feeder,in accordance with the actual set of steps,the number of times the need for precision feeding with punch to complete the production of precision stamping.
Machine equipment components:
1.Decoiler cum straightener. It is made of heavy Uncoiler and medium plate leveling machine. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency,long service life,low maintenance rate and low failure rate. It uses high quality steel castings,As well as the overall steel frame structure,the inverter without section speed,no power Uncoiler,high sensitivity disc brake system and leveling machine feed leveling,with a solid structure of a stable,small footprint,adjustable speed and so on.

2.NC servo feeder. Can adapt to different feeding length and width,and can be multi-step feeding function,to meet any stamping product feeding work,and not subject to press restrictions,any punch can be installed,feeding high precision,good stability,simple operation aspect.