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Double coil feeding line

Double coil feeding line


● Material thickness:0.1-1.0mm
● Stamping production line
● Double coil feeding line
● Processing materials:copper,aluminum,magnesium alloy,aluminum alloy
● Optional equipment:Double-layer plane electronic feeder/Double head leveling machine/Double with NC feeder

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Double coil feeding line is designed for the 3C industry with a design of the most efficient production line,can be realized with a second stamping die forming the purpose of a great increase in the press of the Jia moving rate,reduce the production cost of stamping,Production capacity,so that customers truly reduce the cost of investment in half,covers an area of half reduced,the production efficiency doubled the purpose.

Double coil feeding line composition:
1.Double-layer plane electronic feeder. Horizontal double-layer discharge method,not subject to the material diameter limit,can be stacked material stacking,feeding is simple,fast,and the two flat disk has an independent power system,non-interference,and integrated control The system ensures the complete synchronization of the uncoiler,while the two feeds can be fed with the subsequent production line machine in the same line,there will not be partial material phenomenon,at the same time by the induction sensor control roll open,stable,Efficient and fundamentally eliminate the hidden surface of the material scratches.

2.Double head leveling machine. Is through a leveling rack on the set of two sets of flattening device,two electric boxes,two sets of transmission system combination of leveling equipment,two sets of leveling device independent operation,non-interference,to ensure that the two The leveling effect of the tape can be optimized.

3.Double with NC feeder. Can be achieved at the same time two groups of feed and feed,while a full set of servo system to control its operation,not only simplifies the operation steps (operation settings are on the touch screen on the point control operation),and fundamentally ensure the feed accuracy The stability.