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High-speed sheet stamping production line

High-speed sheet stamping production line


● Material thickness:0.1-1.0mm
 Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Processing materials:copper,aluminum,magnesium alloy,aluminum alloy
● Optional equipment:Electronic Flat Uncoiler/Fine Straightener/High speed roller feeder/Automatic waste collecting machine

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High-speed sheet stamping production line Features:1.Electronic Flat Uncoiler for the automatic roll unwinding; 2.Fine Straightener for ultra-thin material leveling; 3.High speed roller feeder for the material into the feed Precision punch.
High-speed sheet stamping production line Features:
1.Electronic Flat Uncoiler for the thin plate coil,and complete the automatic roll unwinding:the use of horizontal horizontal discharge method,not subject to the material diameter limit,can be placed at the same time a number of thin sheet,through the induction pendulum Of the tracker control frequency control motor discharge speed,will not hurt the material,the discharge rate of up to 30m per minute,stable operation,easy operation,is the best thin sheet rolling expected equipment.

2.Fine Straightener for ultra-thin material leveling,the perfect elimination of material stress:the sheet metal stamping,customers often have a misunderstanding,that is,through the punch to the material flattened,in fact,Without leveling machine on the dislocation of the pressure,is unable to eliminate its internal stress,after processing of stamping products are often due to stress and deformation,so as not to the needs of precision machining,and leveling machine is to eliminate the internal stress And leveling materials designed for special equipment. Ultra-precision leveling machine for 0.05-0.3mm ultra-thin material leveling,the drum with φ12mm (on the 9/10 under the arrangement),the number of drum count,processing,high precision,and the use of four-handle independent Type fine-tuning,easy to operate,leveling accuracy of up to ± 0.05mm (100mm * 100mm range),while the body is equipped with automatic circulation to the oil system to ensure its long trouble-free operation.

3.High speed roller feeder for the material into the precision into the punch:roller feeder without external power supply,gas source,which installed by the output shaft on the eccentric plate as a power source,drive rod,rocker,drive Shaft and so on to drive the next roller,and then through a special one-way device,reverse device and gear drive to achieve the upper wheel and feed roller synchronous rotation feeding purposes,the material quickly into the punch speed,feeding speed,high precision ,Running smoothly,the failure rate is very low,is the most used in the production of stamping,the most cost-effective feeding equipment.