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High tensile steel stamping production line

High tensile steel stamping production line


● Material thickness:0.9-9.0mm
● automobile stamping production line
● automobile body stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Optional equipment:Coil Car / High tension triple feed machine

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High-tension triple feed machine is Jinzhide Machinery for car manufacturers to manufacture the body structure used by the high tension (yield strength threshold 600N) and the thick plate (thickness of 8mm-12mm) steel stamping processing and build Of the automation of the model,the material ring control,hydraulic feed material and leveling the regulation of a number of the latest scientific research integration applications,is the domestic stamping industry,the highest technological content,the maximum thickness of the feed for the model.
Unique features: High tension triple feed machine is based on the traditional triple feed machine on the basis of the overall material,structural design,equipment configuration,control systems and so have a significant optimization and improvement of innovative models. Can open the flattening roller design,servo leveling adjustment,hydraulic material head shear from the fundamental solution to the high tension plate material can not be automated processing problems,Jinzhide mechanical high tension triple feed machine Has a number of stamping thick stamping at home and abroad have been successful application,the effect is very significant,which is really able to attract more and more domestic and foreign customers to buy the root cause lies.

1.The Uncoiler part of the original: NC ring control to ensure that the level of the machine with the leveling speed of the unwinding of the unwinding speed,to achieve stable operation. High tension triple feed machine NC ring control,is a Uncoiler of the material ring system imperial control,so that the speed of extension and production line speed the same function. In the automatic operation,because the Uncoiler does not stop,and at a certain rate of continuous rotation,stable operation,so with the protection of the coil,to prevent spread,improve the life of parts of the effect.

2.Leveling feed head oil pressure into the material device: wear material can be controlled by the touch screen control hydraulic drive feed device to do the rise and fall movements,with the holding arm can be smooth,easy,safe clamping material head And the material from the Uncoiler to the leveling feed head.

3.Leveling fine-tuning using servo control device: high-tension three-in-one feeder leveling adjustment using servo electric adjustment (leveling adjustment automatically according to the material outer ring,the circle,the inner ring of the stress difference to automatically adjust the pressure).

4.Leveling the feed head on the 6 under 5 a total of 11 flat drum: to ensure that the high-precision sheet of precision leveling.

5.Equipped with raw material tailstock hydraulic scissors: cut irregular material head and material tail,to ensure that the triple feed machine machine automatic operation.