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Medium plate Coil Processing line

Medium plate Coil Processing line


● Material thickness:0.3-4.5mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Processing materials:cold-rolled plate,hot-rolled plate,pickling plate,galvanized sheet
● Optional equipment:Coil Car / Medium plate triple feed machine

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Medium plate Coil Processing line for 0.3-4.5mm thick variety of width of the volume,due to small footprint,intelligent high,good precision,high stability,low noise,high security will gradually replace the advantages Small stamping production line and single-punch processing model to become thriving,but also will be the future development of the form of stamping production line.

Medium plate Coil Processing line applications: computer hardware accessories,electrical hardware accessories,automotive hardware accessories,metal ceiling punching,the motor stator and other stamping processing production
Medium plate Coil Processing line features:
1.The appearance of fine,simple and generous: triple feed machine will rack,leveling,feeding three machine functions into one,with a device to achieve three functions,the whole structure is compact,leveling,feeding a nose Structure type,which is very effective to solve the problem of leveling with uncoordinated,high-speed leveling the purpose of feeding,while the overall appearance looks beautiful and simple.
2.The feeding is simple,short downtime: hydraulic trolley automatic feeding,leveling feed head automatic pressing device to ensure simple,fast feed,to achieve efficient and automated production.
3.The high rate of material: the shelf part of the three groups of optoelectronic automation control,can be achieved with the leveling feed head to complete the synchronization match,the effective realization of high-speed uncoilering,leveling,feeding,improve the material speed.
4.Finished high precision,good quality:Mitsubishi PLC with Yaskawa servo system optimized electronic control with,from the fundamental to achieve a stable,high-precision feeding.
5.Easy to operate,safe and reliable:touch screen with a handle dual control mode,easy to test mode,parameter setting is simple,simple debugging,full control of the self-monitoring function to ensure the safety of the machine,the unique terminal detection function to avoid errors Red,to maximize the protection of stamping die.