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Motor Stator production line

Motor Stator production line


● Material thickness:0.35-1.0mm
● High speed:0-600SPM
● Suitable for EI Sheets
● Suitable for Stator
● Suitable for rotor
● Optional equipment:Double-Headed Material Frame / S-Type Leveling Machine / Gear Feeder

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Motor Stator production line Features: Fixed rotor high-speed stamping production line is designed for the EI film, the motor stator and rotor, silicon steel sheet production and design with the type of design, the double-headed material rack-U (S) -type leveling machine – gear feeder – Into the mold with high-speed punch composition, the silicon steel sheet material placed in the double-headed Uncoiler, the U (S) -type leveling machine into the gear feeder, through the gear feeder to the plate with a level Into the mold of high-speed punch, can fundamentally reduce the replacement of the rolling material on the impact of production efficiency, to achieve high-speed synchronous leveling, feeding, silicon steel to ensure the most efficient production.
Machine equipment components:
1.Double-headed Uncoiler. There are two operating stations, the Uncoiler of an operating station in the discharge, uncoiler work at the same time, another operation of the machine can be put on the head, when the unwinding station material used, the material rack in situ rotation 180 degrees to operate the station can quickly exchange, greatly improving the efficiency of stand-alone, high-speed stamping production line to achieve uninterrupted operation, with the material to save and improve the efficiency of the advantages.

2.U (S) type leveling machine. U (S) type of the guide system, the leveling device through the leveling of the material, through the guide system into the subsequent feeding machine, during the photoelectric switch to detect the leveling material out of material or excessive discharge, not only Greatly save the material to be expected space, and leveling speed of up to 60m / min, with the inverter to adjust the speed of leveling to achieve complete synchronization with the punch leveling.

3.Gear feeder. By the punch output shaft as the power source, the feed step change through the change gear to achieve, without additional adjustments, while all of its transmission parts are intermittent rotation, to meet the frequent start and brake needs, relax the action through the eccentric wheel Fast to achieve, to relax accurate and fast, and truly meet the motor stator and rotor production required for high-speed, high precision, easy pace changes in demand.