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Plate plate leveling production line

Plate plate leveling production line


● Material thickness:1.0-6.0mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Optional equipment:Coil Car / Decoiler /Thick Sheet Straightener Machine / NC Servo feeder

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Plate plate leveling production line is the maximum applicable material thickness up to 6mm,by the heavy-duty Uncoiler,thick plate leveling machine,thick plate NC feed machine composition.

First,the heavy Uncoiler MT-1300 (10 tons) with oil pressure expansion and loading trolley:
1.Tension material with hydraulic expansion system tension tight and safe and reliable.
2.The use of hydraulic trolley for automatic feeding,loading trolley can automatically reciprocate on the track walking,hydraulic lifting system lifted the material on the Uncoiler,safe use.
3.The hydraulic system to ensure the convenience of the loading and unloading of materials,and electrical systems using induction control frequency control,discharge open book smooth,to ensure its accuracy and reliability.
4.Equipped with Jinzhide unique pneumatic disc brake device to brake the tile to brake,to avoid unwinding when the release of excess rolls and produce bending,resulting in damage to the surface of the material.
5.Pneumatic presser arm,uncoiler pressure roller is always pressed in the coil material,fundamentally avoid the rolling material of the material phenomenon.
6.Heavy Uncoiler the overall frame made of welded steel plate,after welding by annealing,grinding treatment,rigidity,good appearance,the key components are used in Germany Mihana castings,while long-distance bearing support,to ensure that the whole Firm and stable.
7.Tile pallet board with four blade design,tile board curvature and material diameter match,tile surface hardened by the treatment,smooth wear,tile width ≥ 200mm,thickness ≥ 18mm,durable,while in the course of the use of The material does not cause any wear.
8.AC contactors,intermediate relays,time relays,photoelectric switches and other electrical components are used imported components,long life,low failure rate to ensure its long-term stable production.
9.Safe operation: the pressure of the arm,shaft and other transmission parts are all equipped with a protective cover to ensure that the operation of the operator and the upper and lower coil material safety.

Second,the thick plate leveling machine HCL-1300 Technical parameters:
1.Leveling drum 7 (on the 3/4 under the arrangement),the use of high-quality imported bearing steel GCr15,quenching,hard chrome plating surface finish,the surface hardness of HRC60 or more,chrome-plated thickness of 0.05mm.
2.Two into the feed roller,the use of plastic after the package to protect the surface of the material is not scratched.
3.The upper and lower leveling roller are equipped with reinforcement device to avoid the correction roller force,deformation affect the leveling effect.
4.The use of cylinder binder to replace the traditional screw rod material (and driven by the cylinder in the leveling machine in the movement),to ensure the effect of thick plate leveling.
5.Leveling the use of worm gear adjustment,easy to adjust,adjust the scope of a very wide range of accurate precision rotation hand wheel lap,leveling the last round only 1mm can be fine for adjustment.

Third,NC servo feeder NCF-1300 Technical parameters:
1.The control system by the Mitsubishi PLC,Yaskawa servo motor (5 .5KW),7-inch Wei Lun touch screen composition,driven by the control belt to drive up and down roller rotation and compacting action to achieve quantitative feeding,accurate positioning,feeding stability and accurate.
2.The use of buttons and touch screen dual control mode,you can visually display and modify the NC feeder parameters,simplifying the field operation.
3.Feeding roller with high quality rolling bearing steel GCr15,quenching surface hard chrome plating made of hard,hardness of HRC60 or more,high wear resistance,long life. 4.with multi-stage feeding function,to complete the complex feeding action,while setting the feed length is convenient,the maximum feeding length of up to 9999.99mm,to ensure a wide material,long distance feeding accurate.