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Sheet coil feeding line

Sheet coil feeding line


● Material thickness:0.3-3.2mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
 Processing materials:cold-rolled plate,hot-rolled plate,pickling plate,galvanized sheet
● Optional equipment:Coil Car/Sheet plate triple feed machine

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Sheet coil feeding line Features:
1.Three-in-one feeder structure is compact,half the space to reduce the space,effectively save the plant space.
2.To reduce labor costs and work intensity:triple feed function automation to complete the feeding,feeding,leveling,feeding a full set of processes,only one person in the console panel can be a simple operation.
3.Feeding high precision and stability,reducing the waste of materials to enhance the product quality:three-in-one feeder will be flattened part of the feed into one,fundamentally eliminate the with the uncoordinated,not synchronized problems,so that feed accuracy Always maintain a high and stable state.
4.Low failure rate,long life:three-in-one feeder into the most sophisticated design and production concepts,and a lot of accessories with accessories,cutting-edge technology and high-precision machining of the perfect combination,so the performance is extremely stable,Very low,and has more than 15 years of long life.
5.A wide range of applications,expand the use of automated production line:triple the maximum width of the feeder can reach 2000mm,which is the traditional stamping production line can not be achieved.
6.The appearance of fine,the image of the atmosphere,effectively enhance the stamping strength and image.