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Sheet Stamping Production Line

Sheet Stamping Production Line


● Material thickness:0.3-1.5mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Processing materials:cold-rolled plate,hot-rolled plate,pickling plate,galvanized sheet
● Optional equipment:Precision Uncoiler Leveler/NC servo feeder

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Sheet Stamping Production Line Features:
1.Save the place,relative to the split-type Uncoiler leveling machine,precision sheet two-in-one machine with the precision leveling machine with one machine,can save 30% of the place out.
2.Leveling high precision,precision sheet two-in-one flattening part of the multi-roll precision leveling,and the installation of frequency control buffer to stop the start,for some flatness requirements of relatively high product open volume feed. The ordinary leveling machine and the general two-in-one rack leveling machine is suitable for ordinary leveling the product of uncoiler discharge.
3.Easy to install,as a result of precision sheet two-in-one machine is one machine,in the installation only before and after the center line of a good feeder center or mold center can be.

4.The load frame load is relatively heavy,Jinzhide precision sheet two-in-one leveling machine rack standard for hydraulic expansion shrinkage,load of 2 tons,than with the width of the general load frame load 1 times more suitable for the market most of the material Volume loading.

5.The operation is simple and convenient,the Uncoiler and precision leveling part of the circuit control in the same operation panel,easy to operate.