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Terminal stamping production line

Terminal stamping production line


● Material thickness:0.5-3.0mm
● Processing materials:Copper tape
● Processing products:Metal terminals, Connectors, LED products
● Optional equipment:Uncoilers And straighteners/NC Servo Feeder/Automatic waste collecting machine

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The Uncoilers And straighteners is used for the unwinding and leveling of the coil material. The pneumatic feed machine is used for the automatic feeding, modification and adjustment of the material. Easy, simple operation, very low failure rate.

Terminal stamping production line supporting equipment: Uncoilers And straighteners (under the feed) + Pneumatic NC feed machine + High-speed press + Automatic suction waste machine.
1.Uncoilers And straighteners (under the material) for the coil of the uncoiler, leveling: aggregate frame, leveling in one, the Uncoiler for the dynamic, controlled by the motor automatically discharge, with pneumatic pressure To prevent the coil material, the Uncoiler by the 24V induction frame induction control (according to the demand to photoelectric type), automatic control of the unwinding speed, leveling the head into the material into the material flattening device, Leveling machine, leveling drum with ¢ 60 (3 on the next 4) arrangement, by the inverter control speed, 0.5-3.0mm in the plate material has a good leveling effect.

2.Pneumatic NC feed machine for the material of the automatic feeding: the Yaskawa servo motor drive, relax, feed by connecting the punch crankshaft encoder transmission angle angle signal to the control system to achieve the same operation with the punch, the shaft by the precision Ball screw drive, high positioning accuracy, excellent stability, feed machine accuracy is generally ± 0.02mm, in the short distance feeding can reach ±0.01mm, while the stamping feeding parameters can be 7-inch Wei Lun touch screen input that Can be controlled by the Mitsubishi PLC automation, modify, adjust the set easy, simple operation, low failure rate, a high degree of automation.

3.Automatic suction waste machine for stamping die within the automatic extraction of waste: LED terminal connector stamping process, the waste can not be avoided, if not promptly lead to mold jump waste, or even damage, automatic suction waste from The blower drives the funnel to automatically absorb the waste inside the mold, reducing the cumbersome cleanliness of the waste and improving the overall stamping efficiency.