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Thick Plate Cut-To-Length Line

Thick Plate Cut-To-Length Line


● Material thickness:0.5-4.5mm
● Optional equipment:Coil Car / Decoiler / Precision Straightner / NC Servo Feeder / Mechnical Shear / Stacker
● Automatic transversal cut-to-length line

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Processing materials: cold-rolled plate, hot-rolled plate, pickling plate, galvanized sheet
Material thickness: 0.5-4.5mm
Model selection: Hydraulic Decoiler Machine, thick plate leveling machine, thick plate NC feeder
Production line features: thick plate shear production line for 0.5-4.5mm plate material cross-cutting production needs, with uncoiler, leveling, feeding, length, cross shear, code materials and other major functions. Through the control and control of the PLC numerical control system on the NC feeder, the length is controlled by the DC motor and the rotary encoder. The customer can input the data according to the cutting quantity, length and speed in the PLC system man-machine interface. After the cut quantity is reached, the device will automatically shut down.

The production line can be adjusted, with accurate measurement, full automatic work, labor intensity is very low, simple operation and other advantages.

Operation process: the metal plate to be cut through the feeder frame into the feeder, in the thick NC NC feeder touch screen on the need to set the size of metal sheet metal processing, in accordance with the order of processing N size. By the PLC control system to control the servo motor work, through the synchronous pulley drive driven feed roller rotation, the metal sheet to the shearing machine direction, when the metal plate to move below the shear scissors to achieve the required feeding length, the PLC control system output control Signal, feed servo motor stop working, shearing machine to cut. After a cut is completed, the scissors reset at the same time, PLC control system sends out the control signal, the servo motor work, repeat the above process, to the plate can not meet the cut size requirements so far.