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Uncoiler feed stamping production line

Uncoiler feed stamping production line


● Material thickness:0.1-3.2mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Processing materials:cold-rolled plate,hot-rolled plate,pickling plate,galvanized sheet
● Optional equipment:Heavy Uncoiler Machine / NC Servo feeder

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Uncoiler feed stamping production line is a simplified production line,mainly for the material with thin,high flatness of the material does not require leveling the stamping process,the material from the material will gradually roll out of the volume,after the material area,by the feed The step-by-step evolution feed punch presses to complete the entire automated production,making it ideal for computer hardware accessories,digital hardware accessories and electrical hardware accessories stamping automation needs.
Production line:
1.Uncoiler part:by a special Uncoiler to complete,responsible for the volume of the roll from the outer volume of the reel after the feed to feeding part. This production line commonly used Uncoiler equipment for Heavy Uncoiler and Electronic Flat Uncoiler.

2.Feeding part:by a special feeder to complete,through the traditional output shaft power or servo motor drive feed roller to achieve the quantitative transfer of the punch material. This production line commonly used feeding equipment for the roller feeder,NC feed machine,folder feeder three models.