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Uncoiler straightening feed stamping production line

Uncoiler straightening feed stamping production line


● Material thickness:0.5-3.0mm
● Stamping production line
● coil feeding line
● Optional equipment:Coil Car / Decoiler / Standard Straightener Machine / NC Servo feeder

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Uncoiler straightening feed stamping production line equipment with Heavy Uncoiler Machine,Standard Straightener Machine,NC Servo feeder,,precision punch composition,is the most used production of stamping automated production lines.

Heavy Uncoiler Machine function: the material will be fixed in the Uncoiler,with the level of the action,automatically open the volume of material will be sent into the leveling machine. Unique advantages: heavy load,easy operation,high degree of automation,automatic control by the induction frame shelf stop,no need to operate the machine to control the transport of materials,save time and improve work efficiency.

Standard Straightener Machine Function: In general,the internal stress is still present after the roll is opened. In this state,it can not be processed. Even if it can be processed,the flatness of the product is not reached. At this time,after the material is opened,Flat processing,to eliminate the material’s internal stress. Unique advantages: through the parallel roller correction method,the intermittent pressure straightening into a roller connecting rod straightening,leveling accuracy,open and stop by the induction to achieve automatic control,high degree of automation,good stability.

NC Servo feeder function: According to the signal sent by the punch,the feeder will feed the material into the punch mold,the feeding machine according to the size of the processing to a certain feed spacing,coupled with the action of the punch slider,the processing materials Automatically into the mold. Unique advantages: affordable,high feeding accuracy (up to ± 0.05mm),fast,very low failure rate (basic accessories are imported,to ensure long-term stable operation).