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Uncoiling-Leveling-Shearing Production Line

Uncoiling-Leveling-Shearing Production Line


● Material thickness:0.5-3.0mm
● Optional equipment:Coil Car / Decoiler / Precision Straightner / NC Servo Feeder / Mechnical Shear / Stacker
● Automatic transversal cut-to-length line

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Medium plate cutting production line of various equipment selection and characteristics:
1.The material uncoiler is usually Hydraulic Decoiler Machine.The Hydraulic Decoiler Machine can choose to install the inverter, press arm, oil pressure expansion, block arm, hydraulic truck and other auxiliary devices to provide production stability and uncoiler reliability. Jinzhide recommended customers to use Hydraulic Decoiler Machine, the expansion of more efficient and convenient, variable frequency control speed open more stable, press the arm from the root to avoid the bulk of the bulk material.

2.Leveling machine is usually precision leveling machine, the plate material straightening machine and thick plate leveling machine.The choice of leveling machine should be based on the actual width of the material, material thickness, material to choose, be sure to understand the correction machine correction ability range, the use of more is the plate material straightening machine.

3.The feeder is usually NC feeder.NC feed machine is the preferred feeding equipment for automatic feed cutting production line, feeding step, speed, number of times, cutting time and other parameters, and can achieve multi-stage feeding settings, flexible and convenient. The same time as the above-

4.Shears are usually mechanical shears or hydraulic shears.Customers can choose according to their own needs mechanical or hydraulic type, according to the width of the selected model.

5.The conveyor belt is usually belt conveyor belt.After cutting the shearing machine, the shearing sheet is automatically conveyed, and the customer can select the width of the conveyor belt according to the actual material.

6.The stacking machine is usually a simple stack of Taiwan.The material can be dropped into the product box in the stacking table after the conveyance, and the automatic lifting device, the photoelectric device and the blowing device can be selected according to the demand.