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Feeder Features and select

Feeder Features and select

1.Air feeder:the industry’s first feeding machine models, mainly used in the feeding accuracy is not demanding, feeding speed is not demanding occasions. Features:simple operation, easy installation, affordable.
Disadvantages:easy to damage the material, O-ring wear after the impact of feeding accuracy.

2.Mechanical Roll Feeder:the current press industry to use the most popular one of the feeding machine. Features:Feeding high precision, fast, no energy, durable, basic trouble-free.
Disadvantages:feeding step adjustment inconvenience, feeder length is limited, the need to output the shaft can be installed.

3.NC servo feeder:is a use of servo motor drive the most widely used feeder. Features:easy to operate, feeding high precision, can be multi-stage feeding, set the feed length is convenient, the maximum feeding step up to 9999.99MM, to meet the wide and long feeding step stamping process.
Disadvantages:does not apply to high-speed stamping occasions, the price is slightly higher.

4.Gripper Feeder:mainly for high-speed punch feeding. Features:high precision, feeding speed, the maximum feeding up to 1200 times / min, mainly for stamping terminals and other high-speed stamping.
Disadvantages:the scope of application is small.

5.Roller Gear Change Feeder:Mainly used in the production of transformer silicon steel, motor stator, rotor, EI tablets and other punching of the feed machine. Features:Feeding high precision, fast, less fault.
Disadvantages:the scope of application is small.

Post time: 07-04-2017