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Feeding machine factory annual meeting

Feeding machine factory annual meeting

In the past six months, in everyone’s strong support and help, Jinzhide feed machine factory made fruitful: in the market, the company sales to a higher level, the growth rate of another record high.
In the service, the company continued to improve the service agencies, to complete the construction of remote service model, and continuously enhance the human and material resources, towards a satisfactory, expert-oriented services forward.
In the press room automation production, the company from top to bottom to overcome the difficulties, the common interpretation of a “big one hundred days to complete the production of three hundred” wonderful fighting, over the completion of production tasks.
In the construction of the plant, Kunshan small river bank triple feed machine plant fully completed for the company’s rapid development has laid a solid foundation.
In the research and development, the company’s independent innovation harvest, the new high-tension triple feed machine, Precision Parts Straighteners, high-speed NC feed machine and other new products successfully put on the market, by the domestic and international markets widely favored.

Jinzhide development is inseparable from your support and care, at the same time to provide you with more comprehensive solutions and services is our forward momentum.

In the second half, Jinzhide feed machine factory will make persistent efforts to continuously research and innovation, and constantly improve the product line, to provide customers with more accurate, efficient and stable press automation equipment to build the Chinese national brand.

Post time: 07-10-2017