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Installation of Mechanical Roll Feeder

Installation of Mechanical Roll Feeder

The actual installation of the Mechanical Roll Feeder is very simple, it is only in the punch inlet table side of the side of a four M16 installation hole and then use the mounting plate to the Mechanical Roll Feeder host fixed to the mounting plate, The appropriate position on the slider installed to relax the pole can be.
Mechanical Roll Feeder installation method the real difficulty lies in the installation of the rod and eccentric disk installation and adjustment, Jinzhide machinery in this detailed explanation of these two installation points:
1.The installation of the rod, the first Mechanical Roll Feeder eccentric disc with eccentric disk fixed seat fixed on the punch output shaft, and then the feeder on the cross connector at the eccentric disc with the cross connector into a line, adjust the feeder The cross connector and the rocker roughly 90 degrees.
With the tape from the eccentric disc on the end of the end of the end of the maximum number of teeth to the high-speed Mechanical Roll Feeder on the end of the cross-joint length, the three sections of the tie bar to adjust to the length of the rod after the two screws locked, and finally First pull the rod and the disc on the cross screwdriver into a tooth wire, and then the lower end of the rod and high-speed Mechanical Roll Feeder on the cross head at the rotary rod, so that both ends of the rod at the same time into the two cross-joint to the end of the wire , But must not overtake the rocker arm, the two screws on the outside of the rod lock two cross joints.

2.Adjust the length of the rod, the length of the installation rod or to further adjust the good, this step is very critical, if the long adjustment is not good, too short will lead to the feed machine spindle bending, too long will feed the top of the spindle bending.
Adjust the standard mark is: so that the feeder arm and cross the joints into 90 degrees, if the rod is installed more than 90 degrees, it is necessary to pull the inside of the two screws to pull the rod, adjust the lever until the rocker and the cross connector into 90 degree. If less than 90 degrees when the length of the rod should be shortened until 90 degrees, then the inside of the two screws on the rod can be locked.

3.Adjust the eccentric disk, the need to first stroke of the punch to 270 degrees (9 o’clock), and then rotate the eccentric plate so that the center line of the eccentric disc and the rod axis into a straight line.

Post time: 07-17-2017