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Jinzhide Punch Feeder Factory is keen on charity

Jinzhide Punch Feeder Factory is keen on charity

As a large-scale punch feeder machine equipment manufacturers, Jinzhide machinery in the rapid development of enterprises at the same time, always do not forget to devote themselves to charity and public welfare.

Jinzhide people firmly believe that the success of the enterprise can not be separated from the well-being of society, and bigger and stronger must repay the community, over the years, supporting social welfare undertakings and charity is Jinzhide responsibility and tradition.
Punch Feeder Factory Charitable Donation
Whether it is the regular organization of Blood donation, 2008 $number Wenchuan earthquake, Jinzhide donated to the Sichuan Red Cross, or April 14, 2010, to the Qinghai Yushu earthquake directed donations, or May 2012 to Shanxi province Baoji County a poor mountain primary school books donated, August 8, 2017 Jiuzhaigou County earthquake donations …… Over the years, Jinzhide machinery has been a positive action to highlight the “corporate citizen” sense of responsibility.

These dribs and drabs of events, not only make Jinzhide to complete the responsibility and obligations of large enterprises, but also make Jinzhide people in the punch feeder equipment product services, and the world has more links.

2017, Jinzhide people to strengthen the charitable management mechanism, set up a special public welfare fund, dedicated to help more people in need of help. At the same time, the people of Shanxi will continue adhering to the “enthusiastic public welfare, back to the community” concept, committed to public welfare undertakings, through hard-working hands and sincere heart, give a love, hold up a hope, fulfill the civic obligations, from the small matter, to do a positive energy enterprise, so that Jinzhide really do not only let China’s wisdom made to the world, Let the care of the community to pass the world.

Post time: 09-11-2017