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NC servo feeder exported to Russia

NC servo feeder exported to Russia

Jinzhide Machinery in the international market for more than more than 10 years, continue to keep punch feeder equipment industry exports first, has established a number of overseas distributors and offices, punch feeder equipment has been sold to 17 countries and regions.
NC servo feeder exported to Russia
As the Russian market adjacent to China, Jinzhide has opened the way to Russia since 2011, has spent 4 years to establish a representative office and spare Parts center, can be covered in 48 hours of Russia 7 federal punch feeder equipment after-sales service, and will regularly participate in Russia’s large-scale exhibitions, punch feeder equipment sales and after-sales service network layout has been basically formed.
punch feeder equipment
At present, Jinzhide punch feeder equipment brands in the Russian stamping industry has a high reputation and influence, in the Russian market punch feeder equipment to maintain a capacity of nearly 6,000 units.
NC servo feeder exported
The export of two NC servo feeder is a well-known car manufacturers in Ulyanov Oblast, will be used in conjunction with 110T punching machine for the automatic production of sheet metal belt. Jinzhide Machinery and the manufacturers to get acquainted with the Moscow exhibition, during the exhibition, Jin Ji Tak punching machine automation production line efficient, stable and automated operation of the car manufacturers have produced a great interest.

July mid-April the manufacturer of technology and procurement representatives from Russia came to China, a row visited the Jinzhide triple feeding machine manufacturing base, punch feeder equipment manufacturing base, machine Assembly workshop and punch line equipment display Experience Hall, Jinzhide’s intelligent manufacturing base and lean and efficient production capacity to give a high evaluation, and ordered two NC servo feeder equipment on the spot.

Yesterday, the Russian customer ordered two NC servo feeder has been assembled, is in the final testing machine, after 32 strict factory testing, will be sent to Shanghai port to the Russian customer factory recently.

Post time: 08-24-2017