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Press Room Automation machine after-sales engineers

Press Room Automation machine after-sales engineers

July, continuous high temperature, most people have chosen to stay in the air-conditioned room, can be used as Jinzhide machinery after-sales service young men are at any time on standby. As long as the customer needs, they will be the first time to the customer satisfaction of the answer, as long as there are service instructions, no matter what time they will rush to the customer to solve the Press Room Automation equipment failure. Here let us follow Jinzhide after-sales service engineer Li Haibi, from his work bit by bit to understand these 80,90 guy after work and life … …
One, early to go out
In order to save time, he often do not even have to buy breakfast, and will try to choose from the customer’s shortest journey. Today to customers stamping workshop is also more fortunate, in the passing place also bought breakfast.
Press Room Automation machine after-sales engineers
To the customer stamping workshop, he began to busy up. This is a 2003 old roller feeder, the customer said that this morning just started punch on the problem.
Roller feeder maintenance
Do not look at these young boys are young, but their ability to work quite well. Of course, excellent technology is not a day or two to learn, no two or three years of fought is difficult to achieve today’s “hand to the disease in addition to”. Soon, the customer’s roller feeder equipment to solve the problem, but he did not idle, the next job is to take the opportunity to the nearby stamping workshop several units of equipment to take the initiative to check and record the use of equipment.

After completing a 2014 NC servo feeder inspection, Li Haibi received a notice from the enterprise control center, feedback a customer’s combined decoiler straightener machine out of the problem, so he drove out … …

Second, the transfer of “battlefield”
Non-stop rushed to the customer stamping workshop, not to hurry to drink a mineral water, in order not to affect the combined decoiler straightener machine maintenance progress, he went to the scene after the start check, perhaps, in his heart, Thirsty, and no matter how dirty clothes, to help customers solve the problem is what they do.
Combined Decoiler Straightener maintenance
Third, training
In the afternoon, Li Haidi also need to complete the two customers of theoretical knowledge training.
There is no training room, client unit canteen and writing notice of the Kanban became their training venue with blackboard. Three five operators, a laptop, a table, a blackboard, a whiteboard pen, all of which has been formed Jinzhide service engineers customer training scene. Not too much gorgeous words, only really paid, but all this is enough to confirm and interpret Jinzhide people “all for the customer, to create customer value” service concept, they also sincerely hope that through repeated training for customers Training a number of excellent operators and maintenance personnel, at the same time, to a certain extent, can effectively reduce the use of equipment costs.

Four, night lights
After the completion of the afternoon two training, the day’s work is basically completed, but all this does not mean that engineers can rest, and this is not just finished dinner, after-sales control center telephone notice, a customer to buy the import Three-in-one feeder needs repair, hope engineers to …

Some people may think that 80,90 after the young men are the pursuit of self, personalized generation, but in the Jinzhide Press Room Automation after-sales engineers who saw a positive spirit, see is a Dedicated to pay, selfless dedication of the pursuit of service.

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