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Punch Feeder Equipment Production Workshop

Punch Feeder Equipment Production Workshop

Punch feeder equipment processing and production process has always been regarded as the manufacturer’s confidential, not easy to show people. However, for a stamping owner, with a medium-sized stamping automation equipment production line purchase costs up to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, “punch feeder equipment is how the equipment is produced? Punch feeder equipment production process How can we have a guarantee? … “series of questions directly related to the customer to buy equipment can be satisfied with the satisfaction.
Punch Feeder Equipment Production
In order to allow more stamping owners to buy the rest assured that today I will take you into Jinzhide machinery punch press machine equipment production workshop, opened its punch feeder equipment processing production of the mysterious veil … …

Procurement of raw materials and electrical components
A punch feeder equipment is made up of thousands of spare parts and electrical components. For a punch feeder equipment manufacturing enterprises, raw materials control is to ensure that the quality of punch feeder equipment equipment source.

Jinzhide machinery raw materials and electrical components suppliers are well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, Baosteel, Omron, Delta, Wanxin, CKD, NSK, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and SMC, all forces in Jinzhide supply Quotient list.

At the same time, Jinzhide machinery set a strict raw materials and electrical components acceptance procedures, in addition to requiring suppliers to provide the original inspection records and third-party materials test report, each batch of raw materials and electrical components before storage, Jinzhide quality inspection Personnel need to store materials and electrical components for physical and chemical sampling and electrical sampling, to ensure that the quality of raw materials.

Cutting is the process of determining the shape, quantity, or quality of the material required to make a press feeder, removing the material of the shape, quantity, or quality from the entire or batch of material.
Punch Feeder Cutting
In the choice of cutting equipment, Jinzhide using CNC plasma cutting machine and high-density laser cutting raw materials, high precision, neatly cut.

Early, this high-precision instrument processing methods usually have a feature – costly! Therefore, Jinzhide machinery using information technology and other technologies to achieve sheet metal cutting type, material utilization to achieve maximum, effectively reduce costs.

Riveting welding
Riveting welding
Wrapping as a punch feeder equipment, an important process of assembly, a direct impact on the punching machine work performance and stability of life, in the three-in-one feeder and other large amplitude of the processing link, the welding process should be more stringent.

Different needs of the parts of the structure, shape, precision, strength have different requirements, how to assemble it into the need for functional machinery, the need for structural, sports, auxiliary system to do a good arrangement, so that the optimal design The
CNC plasma cutting machine
Seemingly dull machine processing is the actual product quality and safety hazards to control the punch press machine equipment key link. The establishment of a strict quality control system and a sound equipment and safety management system is the core of the details.

Paint spray
Jinzhide in the choice of paint manufacturers will take a strict admission assessment system, so that exposure, adhesion, solidification time, moisture, corrosion and other tests, qualified access.
Punch Feeder Equipment
The punch feeder equipment, paint can also be customized paint, customers can meet the appearance of the equipment color requirements.
punch feeder equipment factory
In Jinzhide’s technology dictionary, the punch feeder equipment assembly refers not only to the parts according to the provisions of the technical requirements assembled, more or the finished product of the continuous debugging, testing. Strict assembly inspection, process inspection, assembly parts all traceable.
Punch feeder
All punch feeder equipment factory have been rigorous testing machine testing, testing more than 100 indicators.
three-in-one feeder
“Quality to build the brand to create a satisfactory service” This is Jinzhide machinery permanent mission.

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