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For the high temperature punch feeder factory Craftsman salute

For the high temperature punch feeder factory Craftsman salute

High temperature hit people, sweltering heat, and in the Jinzhide punch feeder factory, but there are always such a group of people, they adhere to the production, assembly, After-sale first-line post dutifully, they are anxious customers of the anxious sweat.

Today, we are here to pay tribute to the craftsmen of the Jinzhide punch feeder factory which is working hard at high temperature.
Quality Protector–punching machine equipment assembling workers
A wrench, a screwdriver, in the Punch feeder assembly workshop, they carefully assembled each punch feeder equipment.
punch feeder factory
Cheeks keep falling beads of sweat, wet and dry, dry and wet clothing, meticulous, excellence, this is their pursuit of high quality punching machine equipment best proof.

Weld will–welding workers
Hand torch, spark splash, dry wet, wet and dry clothes at all times in the transformation of color, this is the punch feeder Equipment Welding workshop Staff of the day-to-day work, high temperature greatly increased their burden, but the progress of the welding process has never fallen.
punching machine equipment assembling workers
Punch feeder Equipment of each weld, each solder joints, are condensed their sweat, in order to ensure that each punch feeder equipment quality, they adhere to the high temperature, one, do not leave any defects to ensure that the production task of the effective “welding will.”

The most beautiful equipment “makeup artist”–painting workers
Punch feeder Equipment of each weld
Outdoor temperature is above 37 ℃, spray paint room average temperature of more than 40 ℃, punching machine equipment painting personnel wear dust-proof clothing, dust caps, wearing cotton masks, meticulous spraying, polishing work, this is a customer order equipment quality coating commitment.

The last level–punch feeder equipment Commissioning Personnel
Punch feeder Equipment
Electricity, coherent, again and again, a little bit of the boot test, over and over again the punching machine equipment machine platform adjustment, Jinzhide people in the Assembly and debugging workshop, testing the punch feeder equipment all the performance, sweat constantly rolled from the cheeks, the body was soaked in sweat, high temperature, they meticulously do more than 110 system testing, only to let each detail more perfect, guarantee the smooth delivery of products, their sweat and hands are the best proof of the dream struggle.

Service–punch feeder installation and commissioning engineer
Chongqing, 40 degrees Celsius
Xi ‘ AN, 36 degrees Celsius
Nanchang, 36 degrees Celsius
Thailand, 40 degrees Celsius
Distribution of various cities and regions of the installation and commissioning engineers, 7 days 24 hours at any time only for the timely arrival of customer factory, whether during the day or night, customers need only a telephone, punching machine installation and commissioning engineers will be the first time to meet the customer workshop to solve the problem, never delay the production of stamping progress of customers encountered construction problems, with the ingenuity to protect.

Jinzhide people under high temperature
punch feeder commissioning engineer
With sweat Seiko manufacturing, with the responsibility of carving quality, with the protection of the ingenuity to ensure that, let us together to the lovely Jinzhide people salute!

Post time: 08-26-2017