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Selection of Punching Feeder for Gold Plating Material

Selection of Punching Feeder for Gold Plating Material

Customer problem: As a supplier of automotive electrical components in Hebihe, Henan, the plug of the ABS is one of our main production products. Some of the contact parts are gold-plated.

We use a flat-type Electronic Flat Uncoiler + NC servo feeder with precision punch processing mode, in the stamping automation production process, we often find NC servo feeder in the feeding will scratch the gold-plated tape, and some will stick On the drum of the feeder, the surface of the finished product is embossed and the accuracy is inaccurate.

Our workshop staff have tried to feed the roller spring to minimize the pressure, feed roller surface polishing, etc. can think of the solution, but the actual production effect is still not ideal. Here would like to ask you, our gilded material how to deal with the problem?

Jinzhide technical staff: In order to solve the problem of gold-plated material feeding, we recommend to the NC Servo Feeder feed roller surface PU plastic;
At the same time assist in the feeding before the surface of the gold-plated tape with a thin layer of oil to reduce or avoid abrasions (need to pay attention to the amount of oil to be small and uniform, or likely to cause material slip).
These two methods Jinzhide machinery in the punch feeder feeding aluminum tape, magnesium alloy tape and silver belt, proved to be particularly effective.
If you can not solve the problem of scratches, we recommend that you use Jinzhide production of new folder feeder to replace the NC Servo Feeder. The new type of folder feeder is Jinzhide machinery designed for the electronics industry design and production models, the use of cam drive structure, the fixture for a special processing, while the feed port is equipped with oil lubrication device, especially for transport bruises Electroplating materials, soft materials and irregular shape of the type of material, abrasion problems can be completely resolved.

Post time: 07-11-2017