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Sheet stamping automation production line

Sheet stamping automation production line

The sheet metal stamping automation production line consists of Electronic Flat Uncoiler, Precision Straightener machine, NC servo feeder (or roller feeder), precision punch and die, infrared discharge detection device for 0.1-0.6mm sheet material with precision stamping Processing, often used in automotive, electronics, 3C and other precision parts processing industry.
Sheet stamping automation production line
1.The Electronic Flat Uncoiler feeding and unwinding: the use of forklifts or hangers will be placed in the Electronic Flat Uncoiler on the flat feed tray, and then the roll material head into the Precision Straightener machine feed tray.

2.Precision Straightener machine leveling adjustment and discharge: According to the thickness of the plate, adjust the leveling machine to adjust the degree of pressure on the hand wheel, so that the plate is flat and eliminate the existence of internal stress, and then the material sent To NC servo feeder.
stamping automation production line
3.NC servo feeder automatic feeding: NC electric control box 7-inch touch screen set the length of feeding, the number of times and feeding speed, let the parameters set the board step into the feed punch die.

4.Precision punch press stamping molding processing: precision punch drive mold for the imported sheet for precision molding processing, processing into the required products.
thin stamping automation production line
5.Precision punch automatic test to detect the length of processing into the material belt. Jin Zhide precision punch comes with counting function, according to the number of stamping and each feeding step to calculate the actual discharge length.

6.The infrared discharge test on the finished material with a fixed length of cutting: According to the infrared discharge detection device to detect the length of the material, the customer can be free to set the length of the material to be cut off the material to control the material to be fixed length shear.

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