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The advantages of the press using the feeder

The advantages of the press using the feeder

Manual feeding is the traditional punching processing methods, why more and more stamping enterprises to choose punch press Feeders? Jinzhide following to introduce the advantages of punching machine feeder, for those who want to know about the feeding machine to do some reference.
1.Manual feeding mode of work, because the staff of the operating skills of different proficiency, to work when the emotional state and physical and other factors, will result in low production efficiency. And the feeders is not affected by this, can maintain a stable feeding speed.

2.Feeding machine can save raw materials to improve the utilization of materials, stamping automation for the material, through the Decoilers uncoilering, Straighteners leveling, feeding machine to complete the automatic continuous production process, this process only one material head And the tail is wasted, and manual feeding is the use of the sheet, each stamping a piece of material will produce a material head and tail, so will waste a lot of raw materials caused by increased costs.
3.Jinzhide feeding function to effectively improve product quality, because the feeder mechanical positioning than the artificial experience and feel more accurate positioning, and the accuracy of the same, so the quality of the product can be consistent with the perfect.

4.Manual operation feeding, there will be a lot of security risks, manual operation to the stamping die to send pieces and pick up, in the process of a little careless and may occur accident, and the choice of feed machine Will be able to completely eliminate such a security risk.

Post time: 07-25-2017