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The structural characteristics of roller feeders

The structural characteristics of roller feeders

Roller feeders as a cost-effective, high stability of the feeding equipment, was used in a variety of brands, tonnage punch for the stamping industry in various fields.
Currently on the market a lot of roller feeder manufacturers, but the real stable operation, the best reputation was Jin Zhide.(The maximum speed of the standard models for the 180 s.p.m.), but also with the C-type high-speed presses, gantry-type high-speed punch for high-speed feeding occasions (high-speed models Type maximum speed of 600 s.p.m.), compared to other brands of Roller feeders, its roller feeder model has six structural features:
1.Feeding roller adopts imported bearing steel material, the initial turning, the initial calibration is static balance, the shaft head interference assembly welding, fine turning and fine calibration dynamic balance, and then use the roll grinding machine to ensure that the Roller feeders feed drum roundness , Cylindrical degree and straightness, and finally by the heat treatment of hard-hard grinding and then grinding, high hardness, wear resistance, rotation inertia is small, to ensure high feeding accuracy.
2.One-way device and reverse device embedded with super-hard alloy, the structure of the seven-tooth ratchet structure, empty stroke angle decreases, the output torque increases, transmission and braking accuracy is higher, more reliable, wear resistance, safety Nature, high precision, long life
3.Disc brakes imported from Taiwan Direct supply of BMW original brake pads, the use of high-level clutch to make full contact on both sides of the film to ensure that the brake device a high degree of sensitivity, high stability and high life.

4.The left and right wall panels are made of a special tooling double hole boring machine to ensure that the radial diameter, hole distance and three holes are parallel and accurate to ensure that the feeder roller to achieve the highest assembly accuracy.

5.Adjustable lever for the three-stage structure, adjust the scope of large, easy to adjust, not because of the height of the adjustment after the rocker to interrupt.

6.Bearings used in Japan original NSK precision rolling bearings, motion transmission is stable and reliable.

Post time: 08-07-2017