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  • 1600 large high tension triple feed machine
    Post time: 07-03-2017

    1600 large high tension triple feed machine In March 2015,Jinzhide Machinery decided to design and develop high-tension triple feed machine,for high-tension steel sheet material processing to provide a suitable and efficient domestic automated processing equipment.After more than a year of tirele...Read more »

  • Stamping die protection device
    Post time: 07-03-2017

    Stamping die protection device In the stamping production,the mold is very important,especially the continuous metal stamping die,its high precision,in the stamping production must strengthen the protection of the mold.Jinzhide Stamping Die Protection System and Press Malfunction Detector is to p...Read more »

  • Stamping automation production line workflow
    Post time: 07-03-2017

    Stamping automation production line workflow In the stamping industry,many stamping enterprises have used stamping automation production line,there are many companies are transforming equipment ready to increase the stamping automation production line equipment,stamping automated production workf...Read more »

  • Large Hydraulic Uncoiler
    Post time: 06-30-2017

    Large Hydraulic Uncoiler Hydraulic Uncoiler because of its pneumatic press arm, hydraulic expansion, butterfly brakes, making it the most applicable range of decoiler equipment, the maximum applicable material width up to 1800mm, the application of material weight up to 20T, This is far beyond ...Read more »

  • NC Servo Feeder Text Screen and Touch Screen
    Post time: 06-30-2017

    NC Servo Feeder Text Screen and Touch Screen NC Servo Feeder as a numerical control feeding equipment, in addition to the selection of PLC and servo motor drive in addition to the use, there is also the same can not be ignored, that is, man-machine interface is used in what way, it directly deter...Read more »