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Sound Proof Enclosure

Sound Proof Enclosure


● Fire resistant
● Proper air flow through enclosure
● Multiple access points
● High sound absorption rates
● modular steel construction
● Removable panels
● Noise Reduction Effect: 20-25 dB(A)

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Our Sound Proof Enclosure can be used High Speed punch :
(Miceor/liye) with origin in Taiwan (Dobby/kyori/yamaba) with origin in Japan
etc high speed precison press(special specification can be custom-made)
Punch Sound Proof Enclosure are a highly effective means of noise control for industrial and mechanical equipment. Our punch sound proof enclosureare engineered for superior noise control while allowing for easy access for both ventilation and maintenance. Punch Sound Proof Enclosure are a workable solution to your noisy industrial equipment.
We hold expertise in designing and developing the best-in-class Sound Proof Enclosure. These offered products are developed by making use of supreme quality required basic material, procured from the accredited vendors of the industry. Along with this, we develop these products in complete adherence with the defined parameters of the industry so as to meet expectations of the clients.

Sound Proof EnclosurFEATURES:
● Structure is delicate with excellence. Material selection is top level. Structure is reasonable , specification is standard , color is considered to protect environment and save occupation space which is an ideal option for overall planning for machines.
● Modern modeling, unique style, material selection and structure is reasonable.
● Manufacture is done carefully with elegance and environmental protection concept which is an option that is made by high level enterprise capability and excellent combination between industry and environment.
Sound Proof Enclosure STRUCTURE:
● The front and back door for sound insulation box is push and pull door. The back door and side doors are opposite to each other. Front and back are equipped with sound insulation monitor window.
● Left and right side is active material exit gate with rolling wheel guide.
● One set each of Low noise pulley air exhaust.
● One set of inner connection power switch socket.
● High level ICI computer paint dispersing anti-rust treatment(colors are optional).
● Three prevention standard materials are used on sound insulation box with noise control.
● International standard 2. 0 3.0mm rolled steel plate.
● International standard 0.6mm3.0mm hole punched zinc plated plate.
● Imported Rockwool Rockwool100kgM350mm )sound insulation, absorption, fire proof environmental cotton plate.
Imported PEF10mm )anti-flammability noise eliminatioin plate.
● High density anti-flammability sound absorption foam plate (20kg /M310mm )produced by Taiwan manufacture.
● Noise effect 75-80 decibel(single source) reach the labor protection regulation and standard.